Taste Reflection Unity Earth


We know the most important part of your experience is enjoyable flavors along with a great CBD experience. At TRUE CBDTM we have gone through thousands of hours of taste testing and worked to find the perfect flavor profile to help you enjoy your CBD vape. As one of the most powerful of our 5 senses, we take flavor to the next level and we hope you enjoy the results.


TRUE CBDTM is about making sure you can just take a break stop your day as if time stands still and breathe. CBD is a very special product, and we want you to use TRUE CBDTM to enjoy the moment. Reflect on the good in life and pull positive energy towards you and escape from the world.


TRUE CBDTMis all about experiencing the true essence of life as humans and being present and peaceful while enjoying every moment.
TRUE CBDTM can be enjoyed with friends and family or just by yourself as a source of finding calm and unity for your soul.


All of the purified golden clear vape that TRUE CBDTM uses is made from organic hemp in our True labs. We use only Mother Earths’ finest ingredients to create our own version of what we think to be the highest quality CBD vape on Planet Earth.